The journey to starting or expanding your business is tough, and we understand. This journey can be made easier by knowing the challenges to expect, what your competitors are up to, what your potential customers desire, and how you can maneuver your way and finally obtain market share. Nothing makes this happen more than a professional market research.
That’s why we exist. With our services, you can now face your customers with greater confidence! Talk to us, and let us start walk with you through to the success of your idea. Our market research services include:

1. Competitor analysis

2. Industry analysis

3. General / deep research

4. Strategy analysis and formulation

5. Business planning, including financial analysis and projections

We use both qualitative and quantitative methods, and have expertise in data analysis using a range of software including: R statistical package, STATA, IBM SPSS, Microsoft Excel, NVIVO,  ATLAS.ti & many more.

We also design surveys, conduct interviews and data entry on behalf of our clients.

Our custom services includes a combination of these, and much more, depending on client needs. These needs may go beyond just research, to long term consultancy and implementation. Let’s discuss more about your needs, and how we can be of help.