Bridget Eclause Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Bridget Eclause”) was founded by two young ladies, Bridgit (a graduate electrical engineer and statistical guru) and Emmaculate (an MBA holder, and agribusiness specialist). At first, they saw opportunity in the Kenyan market. This culminated into a deep interest in the agricultural sector, and especially the dairy industry. The company became registered as a member of the East and Southern Dairy Association (ESADA) as a way of positioning itself to serve the dairy industry.

Later on, and with market changes, the directors widened their vision to include the African market, and later, the global market. Since its incorporation in Kenya in 2014, Bridget Eclause continues to serve businesses with an interest in succeeding in the global market and supporting organizations and other researchers with insightful data analysis using sophisticated software.

Bridget Eclause serves businesses, non profit organizations (NGOs), parastatals, and other researchers. Recently, it become part of the Upwork Global Inc. community, existing in 3 teams:

1. Bridget Eclause – Customized services

2. Bridget Eclause – Data Analysis &

3. Bridget Eclause – Market research